Okaaay that girl seems to be pretty, pretty weird and no I didn’t get a message from her and even if I dd, probably wouldn’t play with her, because people an’t actually tell you how you protray the character you do.. lol. I mean everbody got’s another view on them. sure if you’re gonna play hunter like a crying little baby, then I get that you might to  reminded, that he’s arrogant ad stuff, but hell…I’d freak out xD

woaaah .., I would have said leave me all alone…really…. what the hell people are thinking?! I mean year critizing okay, but this is almost like stalking. crazy kddfsdfklds. just tell her and if she wants to say you’re a bad rper or wants to make you bad leave her alone. I mean that’s pretty awful and the worst, but hell if she needs it, her fault.

IF she’s sendung us both message (I ddn’t get one and if, it just didn’t see it hahah xD), and want to spread hate, let her, really. I’m kinda ignoring it and it’s our story and if she thinks she can destroy it, hella.I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. xD

I don’t even know who you are talking about and I wanna know bc i wanna stalk… xDDDD


Do you have Skype?

Okay story time

A while back when we start started this rp

A girl messaged me asking if I was interested in rping 

She wanted to do a bp! plot and I love those and its hard to find people who wanna do those

so I said yes and I asked her if she wanted to discuss ideas which she told me no

" To send her an app to her account " just like I did with you

And I was like wow are you serious you’re the one messaging me and you still want me to send you an app  but I was sure when your deadline

I never got around to sending one cause well that happen with my health and I had to let go

so after a while she started sending messages to my account non-stop

And finally I gave in

but I send her an app and we started discussing ideas and when I posted my starter she like “Its not that bad, I have read worst” 

Not only that but she tries to tell me how to play hunter and how should he feel and its just to much … like its not fun

she has amazing ideas and everything but her persinality its to much 

Which it was around the time that I reply to your post 

she killed my muse :(

She stopped messaging me and I thought she was gone

but she started messaging me again  and I told one of my friends

what should I do because she did apoligize but this was her apology 

"I’m sorry if I offended you but you know I was only trying to help and you should be used to critizing abd blah blah"

And I just dont feel right about rping with her anymore

but my friend says she has a reputation in the fandom for been like that

and a lot of people ditch her because of that

and she likes starting drama because she’s really obsissive 

and I just dont want that specially because I love our rp and I dont want anyone harassing us or something

and is just like I dont know what to do 

like she knows our accounts and idk if she has also messaged you to rp with her too? :C

if she has and you like rping with her … Don’t hate me for writing this

but I just telling my experience and yeah 


thats my skype name

if you have one add me and we can talk there is faster :3

Yessss I doing better!!!!!!!! :)

when do you start school again?? :DD

okay so omg I need to confess something and ask you a few things cause I cant post until I do cause yeah…. OMG I GOT IN BIG TROUBLEE :OOOOOOOOOOO

Mee too! I’m back idk for how long tho but I just recntly move states to start University and well treatments will be going too but I stopped working so I’m guessing I will be having a little more free time in my hands now well when I ain’t tired :P 

but yeah how are you doing??? :3 

I’m still alive ;DD 

I miss this rp … I’m back for how idk but I reply to the f2f and I’m working on the self para(( I lost it and I had finished it already and I now I need to start it again :’O )