I;m lucky I only live a few blocks away from the bookstore lol but the show is pretty dam good not to watch so its all cool xD haha

ok so I’m getting the para is finish do you wanna do the next morning in a dash convo or para? :3 

The showw partially follows the comic books but not fully, but they’re still  pretty awesome to read and addicting :O haha They are expensive tho so I always just go to a bookstore and read them right there without having to buy them.. I spend like a whole day once in a while reading them trying to catch on them lol 

OMFG I’m like so dam obsses with that show!!!! Like I’ve watched every episode and I follow the comoic books too and the books from the Governor xP lol

Dude you’re insane I would die on only 4-5 hrs of sleep!! haha

Well he can just fuck with Hunter now ;) whahah

RIGHT.  Ohhh fuck yes. xD 

Haha noo…xD Today was the first day I slept like 9 hours straight through the night…and now I’m super tired and have headache..xD So I#d rather sleep just 4-5 hours..ugh xD

whahahahah yeees. but he doesn’t need to fuck around when he has his baby back. ;)

haha who doesn’t!!!!!! do you watch the walking dead??????? :D 

Usually when I cant sleep I’ll still have energy for like 3 hrs and then I just freakking wanna lay down and sleep for 100 years XP hahaha 

Yesss… and then Bas can’t sleep around no more cause Hunter does not share whats hisssss!!!!! :33 xP hhaha … an as whooping they have well reserved 8D 

xDD well I love being a zombie. haha no I don’t know can’t sleep and then I’m up and be all ike “Hey you didn’t sleep. “FUCK IT” xD 

:D awww he’ll have Bas back soon..ûAu and bas will kick his parent’ ass. 8D