I’m still alive ;DD 

I miss this rp … I’m back for how idk but I reply to the f2f and I’m working on the self para(( I lost it and I had finished it already and I now I need to start it again :’O )

you’re so welcome honey, really. <3 Like I’d wait like thousand more years, because it’s amazing: I love the way you play hunter and it’s really chemistry and just because rl doesn’t go well atm, doesn’t mean I’Ll run away. I really hope it will be better soon :C just sucks duuh. *cuddles* Just so you know I’m staying and will be there, whenever you’re there or at least I’ll try it haha. :3 I’m not letting it die so…. :3 <3 <3


i mean just look at those babes!!…xDD

Thank you, like seriously thank you for your kind words, love. You have no idea what this means to me. I had thought about leting this go rp when I found out because I just thought I didn’t want to make you wait forever, (I let my other rps die because I didn’t knoow how to let other players go :C)but I just can’t let you or this rp go, I love roleplaying and I just can’t see myself not doing it anymore. Specially just because of whats going on, I really hope it doesn’t have to be a whole year for me to get better but really thankk you for putting up with my shenanigans and all. :’) 

Nope I’m not gonna close it, just because real life issues, love. I hope, I really, really hope you’ll get better soon and no matter how long it will take, I’ll be still here. So don’t you worry about that, alright? I’m not just gonna dump you, because real life is right now, nope, it’s always more important. You could even been gone for a year and I’d be still intressted int this rp, so the activtiy thing isn’t a problem for me. More improtant for me is also your health first and  stuff :C And btw I love this rp way too much than to just leave it like this, love. <3